About Poetavango


The Poetavango Collective is an ARTS organisation based in Maun, fully registered with the registrar of societies. The organisation’s major mandates include the development, promotion, and enhancement of the arts – performance, literary and visual. Poetavango has been in existence since April 2008. In 2011, the Collective started the first Maun International Arts Festival (MIAF), a gala that celebrates the arts in their entirety

As a community-based organisation, the Poetavango Collective supports the Maun community in various areas through a number of projects geared toward youth and artistic development. The Collective has conducted such activities through the assistance of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, U.S. Embassy, European Union, Botswana Tourism Organisation, Barclays Bank and others.

Poetavango also works extensively with local schools to develop literature and the arts from an earlier age. The Collective hosts' regular workshops and symposiums for students as well as for other members of the community. Members of the Collective have attended various international exchange programs and benchmarking sessions in countries such as the United States of America, Bulgaria, Russia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Hungary.

The Collective continues to work closely with the Maun community to strengthen arts, culture and tourism networks between the locals and other communities.




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